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Collina Candle Co.

Welcome to Collina Candle Co., where our love for creating beautiful candles meets our unwavering dedication to quality. Here, we're all about taking our time and paying attention to every little detail, making sure each candle we produce is nothing short of exceptional.

Our journey starts with handpicking the finest materials. Our fragrance oils are formulated without toxins or phthalates, ensuring a clean and safe scent experience. We blend together coconut soy wax, known for burning cleanly, with cotton wicks to give you a candle that not only smells amazing but also lasts longer and is kinder to the environment. 

But we don't stop there. We're sticklers for quality, so we put each candle through rigorous testing to ensure it meets our high standards. From its captivating scent to its clean burn, we make sure every candle is perfect before it finds its way to your home.

 As a proudly woman-owned business, Collina Candle Co. embodies more than just a brand; it mirrors our values and dedication to environmentally friendly products.

By crafting our candles in small batches, we're not just reducing waste; we're also giving each candle the care and attention it deserves.

So go ahead, let our candles illuminate the moments, filling your space with delightful fragrances and the artisanal touch that sets Collina Candle Co. apart.

  • Made in Small Batches

  • Crafted Scents

  • Handcrafted in Iowa

Our Brand

Nestled in the picturesque Loess Hills of southwest Iowa, Collina Candle Co. distinguishes itself in the market with its steadfast devotion to quality and distinctive style. Hand-poured in small batches, our candles exemplify excellence with each meticulously crafted creation. What truly sets Collina apart is our minimalist approach to fragrance creation, curating scents that evoke unique sensory experiences.

From our cotton-braided wicks to our luxurious coconut soy wax, every element of our candles reflects our commitment to quality.  Our fragrance oils are carefully chosen to be free of toxins and phthalates, ensuring a safe and environmentally-conscious indulgence. Furthermore, each product undergoes rigorous testing to guarantee its excellence before reaching your hands.

Whether you're enchanted by earthy undertones or drawn to delicate floral bouquets, each aroma curated by Collina Candle Co. elevates your space with unparalleled ambiance. Experience the difference of our minimalist style and immerse yourself in the refined luxury of Collina Candle Co.

Our Customers

Collina Candle Co. caters to home decor enthusiasts, candle aficionados, and health-conscious consumers. Our customers appreciate the meticulous craftsmanship and premium quality of our candles, which are hand-poured using clean coconut soy wax and free of toxins and phthalates. They are individuals who value the ambiance and sensory experience that our unique scents provide, whether they're enhancing their own living spaces or seeking thoughtful gifts for loved ones. Furthermore, our appeal extends to local supporters who prioritize small businesses and locally-made products, as Collina Candle Co. proudly calls Iowa home. With a focus on safe products, craftsmanship, and luxury, our customers seek products that align with their values while elevating their everyday experiences.

Limoncello Cake

Lemon Zest ~ Butter ~ Vanilla

  • 10 oz candle (limited quantities)
  • 10.5 oz candle
  • 6 oz candle
  • wax melts
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Pear of Modena

Pear ~ Green Apple ~ Peach

  • 10 oz candle (limited quantities)
  • 10.5 oz candle
  • 6 oz candle
  • wax melts
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Pipe Tobacco ~ Cherry ~ Teakwood

  • 10.5 oz candle
  • 6 oz candle
  • wax melts
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People are Saying...

Chelsea S - (Amalfi Breeze) - "From the packaging when I received my candle to the first use, everything about this candle is superb! The scent is light, not overpowering..it's extremely calming too! Very happy and can't wait to purchase more!"

Miriam D - Love it putting another order in 💕💕💕(Amore & Contessa) "I thought Contessa was my favorite but now I love Amore as well!!!! I will have to order both again. The smell is light yet it fills up the whole room."

Kristin H - Smells Great and So Stylish (Contessa) "I purchased this candle and immediately began burning it! This candle smells AMAZING! In fact, I love it so much, I wish I never had to blow it out. The best part about when I do have to blow it out is that there's not "mushroom" wick and thick smoke! LOVE LOVE LOVE"

Meg - (Delizia) "I love all things coconut. The scent is perfect. Not too overpowering but strong enough so it can be enjoyed all throughout our home. Burns cleanly and evenly. High quality candle! I’m sure I’ll be back for more."

Jeff W - Great for Christmas (Nonno) "We purchased 6 of the smaller sized candles to help with stocking stuffers. Once we opened the box we were thrilled to smell the great scents. Perfect gifts for a family member or to keep for yourself. I think Nonno is currently the house favorite!"

April S - smells amazing! (Limoncello Cake) "I bought this candle as a gift for my sister (who is a limoncello fan) and it smelled AMAZING! I will be ordering one for myself."

Gabrielle M - Love (Pear of Modena) "It is the only candle I actually like to light. This smell is amazing and I like how it isn’t too strong. I have nothing but amazing things to say about it. You need one!!!"

Morgan L - (Tranquillo) "I received the Tranquillo candle as a gift and it is amazing! The scent is very relaxing and the candle burns super slow so it lasts forever. My apartment will still smell like the candle a day after I burn it, and it’s not too overpowering or sweet!"

Carmen P - "A wonderful local candle company in southwest Iowa run by two very hard-working gals. They have really gone the extra mile to ensure their scents are perfectly crafted with the right balance and blend of scents that are not overwhelming but are soooo cozy and fresh in your space. These candles work great for gifts or to keep for yourself! The company also releases new scents often so you’ll have a scent to match every season! Great customer service too if you have any questions or need assistance with anything. Give ‘em a try - you won’t regret it!"  

Tami S - "I purchased a couple of candles before the holidays and love them! They shipped really quickly and were packaged very well. Will definitely order/purchase again!"

Julie R - "I have purchased several scents of the candles and wax melts and love each and every one of them. The candles burn amazingly even!  So happy with all I’ve gotten. Thanks Ladies!!"

Dustin C - "Buy buy buy if you want the absolute best service and products you can get!! Great scents and even-burning candles. The wax melts are a great addition to any room you don’t want a candle in. Highly recommend!!"

Toni F - "Amazing candle! Beautiful scent! Long lasting. Tranquillo is my favorite. Wonderful service and craftsmanship."

About Us

Collina is an Italian word for hill, and that is exactly where this story began: two friends in a kitchen overlooking Iowa's Loess Hills. Our combined love for candles, along with our passion to learn more about Italy, prompted the start and growth of Collina Candle Co.

We hope you will enjoy our candles as much as we have enjoyed creating them for you!

Illuminate the moments!

-Heather & Colleen